Silver Point Removal

The difficulty in removing silver points is that they are very fragile and can easily fracture in the canals.

It is very important to me, to keep the access cavity extremely small which helps to maintain the integrity of the canal in strength and aesthetics.

Silver points may look good with their sharp·contrast on x-ray, but often do not serve the purpose of hermetically sealing the canal.

Once the silver points are removed, the canals then have to be cleaned very well, shaped and packed with a root filling that fills the canal in 3 dimensions.


silver point root filling
Before treatment
root canal treatment completed
Follow up after only 5 months - note the bone ingrowth during healing


silver point failing in molar
Before treatment
retreat successful
Root treatment successful with gutta percha


silver point failing
Before treatment
retreatment succesful
Retreatment successful with gutta percha
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