Post Removal Before Root Canal Treatment

Failing root treatment under post and core supported crowns need not be surgically corrected with a poor statistical prognosis (less than 60%). The post core and crown complex can easily be removed and retreated

Post removal can be removed atraumatically, without compromising the root wall width and thus retain the root strength.  Once the post is removed, the root canal can be retreated offering the tooth the best prognosis and result.


Posts can be removed from within crowns so that the crown can be retained before retreatment is initiated.· Note the demonstration of the lateral canal in the distal root and convergence of the mesial canals in the x-rays below.

molar root treatment failing
Before treatment with root treatment failing
post removed and tooth root treated with excellent prognosis
Post removed and tooth retreated


Retreatment should always be considered the first choice before the patient is referred for an apicoectomy procedure.· If the tooth has a post (it does not matter which kind of post and which tooth it is) it can easily be removed atraumatically and with very little root destruction.

stainless steel post needs removal
Before post removal
post removed and tooth retreated
Post removed and canal retreated


Ugly metal posts in the anterior smile region can be replaced with an aesthetically pleasing tooth coloured post and core.· I prepare the core for my referring dentists so that they have only a little to refine for the final impressions.

central incisor needs post removal
Before treatment with metal posts
image of ugly metal posts
Image of metal posts seen in mouth once coverings are removed


post removed and replaced with glass fibre post and composite core
Post removed and replaced
image of aesthetic glass fibre posts and composite cores
Image of aesthetic composite core fillings
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