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ProEndo Forum

Welcome to the friendly root canal forum.

This forum is open to discuss day-to-day root treatments. Let's talk about clinical difficulties and how to resolve them.

I like to share my strategies with you so that you can obtain consistent excellent results.

Or write in to discuss or ask any advice on any subject in Endodontics.

the BDA conference 2008 in Manchester was great. i really enjoyed presenting my technique and got a lot of positive feedback.

It's really simple!

A post will dislodge when a space has been provided for it to move in.

One of our challenging procedures is working on a patient who is a gagger. The patient is usually tense and anxious and often embarrased. Be empathetic, have time to deal with the patient and try and convince them that working together will help alleviate some of the stress and worry. They need to be reassured that gagging is often a reflex they cannot control and they should not be embarrased about their actions.
There are a number of ways to help with dealing with a gagger: medication (tranquilisers), nitrous oxide inhalation, sedation (intravenous), hypnosis (distraction techniques)
A simple way that i would like to remind everyone is just the use of the rubber dam!!
Keeps everything out of the way including saliva and the roving tongue. what a help!!
Easy and comfortable for the patient.

I often encounter sclerosed canals, or what appears to be sclerosed on x-ray. On opening the tooth I mind-map the positions of the canals

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