microsurgery saved my tooth!

Dear Gary,

I am so delighted that I decided to get a second dentist’s opinion to try to save my tooth, as if I had taken the first prognosis the tooth would have been extracted.

Prior to meeting you I was so worried as to what the outcome for my tooth would be, but after hearing what you could do to help me and after reading through previous patient’s testimonials, I felt comfortable to put my trust in you and proceed with the surgery.

I am so grateful to you and you team for saving my tooth and making me smile again. The surgical experience was really quite amazing, as I felt so relaxed and safe throughout the apicoectomy which really surprised me, as I was expecting to be petrified. The numbing injections you used on me were incredible, as I didn’t feel anything throughout the whole procedure and they only seemed to numb the area concerned and not the rest of my face.   Great work !

I can’t thank you enough for doing such a magical repair on my rotten tooth and all for a minimal amount of discomfort afterwards. I had a few days of swelling  (my fault I forgot the ice packs) and a small amount of discomfort with the stitches pulling but nothing that a few painkillers didn’t remedy. A week on today since the work was carried out and I have forgotten that I even had it done. There is no pain or swelling and everything is pretty much 100%.

I will be back in December to show you that I’m still smiling.

Best regards,

Dee  ( your number one fan )


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