Patient Testimonials


"I know people squirm about root canal treatment, but I genuinly didn't feel any pain.  I highly recommend Dr Gary Zolty at the Crescent Dental Practice in Hale.  He specialises in "Endodontics" (root canal stuff).  Gary said he thought the result looked "very pretty" and wants to put the "after" x-ray on the website.  I've finally achieved my ambition of being a male model!"  P. B


"Dr Gary Zolty numbed my tooth with Quick Sleeper without numbing my whole lip.

It was totally painless I prefer this over normal injections". B C, age 9.


“Dr Gary Zolty took time to explain the process to me and was always aware of my needs. The root canal experience was daunting but went much better than expected.” G. D


“Not the daunting experience I was expecting. The final xray showed the procedure by Dr Gary Zolty was successful. Dr Gary Zolty came accross as an excellent, skillfull technician with a pleasant personality. Well done and thanks very much.” M.F. T


“Root canal treatment wby Dr Gary Zolty was excellent. No discomfort or pain whatsoever - almost a pleasant experience! Far removed from that I endured several years ago!” P. H


“I was rather worried about any pain but I must say I felt totally relaxed throughout. A brilliant practitioner.” Mr. T


“The root canal treatment was comfortable and easy. Far better than I had expected! Not unpleasant at all.”  V. A


“Friendly and confident - made me feel at ease! Treatment didn't hurt and was no where near as bad as I had expected. Thankyou for taking such good care." L. R


 "I am so grateful to you and you team for saving my tooth and making me smile again. The surgical experience was really quite amazing, as I felt so relaxed and safe throughout the apicoectomy which really surprised me, as I was expecting to be petrified. The numbing injections you used on me were incredible, as I didn’t feel anything throughout the whole procedure and they only seemed to numb the area concerned and not the rest of my face.   Great work !" D H-P 


"I was referred to Dr Zolty after a past root treatment of two years did not settle down.  Dr Zolty examined my tooth and made corrections to my bite and now my tooth is totally pain free.  I am very pleased with the treatment I received and would recommend Dr Zolty to anyone else with similar issues."  N P


"Thank you for your expert care. I really appreciated your concern to make the treatment painless and free from anxiety.  My procedure was virtually pain free.  I scarcely felt even the numbing injection. I had been concerned about keeping my mouth open for so long; it was simply not an issue.  I was comfortable as possible.  Even the chair is designed to be relaxing with supportive arms.  Dr Zolty's quiet concentration inspires confidence.  I appreciated the way he would tell me what to expect in terms of noise, vibrations etc, none of which was anything like as bad as some of the Americal websites had suggested.  Just over 24 hours after the treatment I was able to enjoy to the full a long-booked dinner engagement in a restaurant." KB B

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