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This forum is open to discuss day-to-day root treatments. Let's talk about clinical difficulties and how to resolve them.

I like to share my strategies with you so that you can obtain consistent excellent results.

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Introducing a unique and original One Day practical hands-on Endodontic course for general dentists to be held in luxurious locations in the UK.

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Dr Gary Zolty is the first dentist in the world (as far as we know) that is using digital microscopy in dentistry.  There will be more articles to follow regarding this innovation.  

"I see a great benefit in "heads-up dentistry" with the ability of videoing and taking pictures of the intricate work in dentistry for patient records, and education".


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The first day was presented in a hotel business room and the second day was at MANDEC.  It was greatly enjoyed and the delegates are motivated to include microsurgery in their practices.

This was a two day course.  First day included a presentation laying the foundation, information, knowledge and step by step guidance to microsurgical endodontics including apicectomy, resections, bone grafting and managing apico-marginal defects.  The day was broken up with the practical application of incision on pigs jaws and then later suturing.  We discovered the difference between suturing and micro-suturing techniques.  We practised interrupted single sutures, vertical mattresses and sling sutures using 5/0 or 6/0 sutures.  The case was made that endodontics includes conservative root treatment, non-surgical retreatment and an important microsurgical component as a treatment option following failed root treatment.

The second day included practical application of learnt techniques on phantom heads under steromicroscopes on specially made models.  The delegates performed 6 apicectomies from start to finish. After the late tea break in the afternoon, I created apicomarginal defects of different styles to simulate different situations in clinical practice.  We each had a turn to present 6 cases and discuss the optimum way to treat.  This encouraged good debate and discourse which leads to better understanding.

The full day ended with a multiple choice question "test" which helped consolidate the program.  The delegates left feeling the course fulfilled all the promises of a content rich and advanced practical application of microsurgical endodontics.


staining for microscope

dentist looking through microscope

phantom head

dentist practising Microsurgical Endodontics

imageimage 2

Look at the 3 dimensional fill near the apex.  How did i do this?  I think if you maintain the taper to the canal and control the "capture zone", then with warmed vertical obturation together with a flowable cement you will be able to obtain this kind of result. 


image 6

Take a second look, yes, this is a lower canine not premolar!  

This was difficult to execute not only because the tooth was rotated and lingually tilted, but the canals were difficult to work through the very small access.

image 5image 4BEFORE                                                                                                                                                                                            CRAZY CURVE AFTER

I used Blue activated rotary NiTi files to follow these crazy curves.

Webinar: 1st July at 8pm: Choosing a file system for the 21st Century.

I was kindly asked by Prof. Paul Tipton to present an endodontic presentation for his webinar series during the summer (covid break).  I have titled it "Choosing a File System for the 21st Century.  I preferred to call it "Searching for Tomorrow, Today."  I will discuss the various file systems on the market and compare them. Then I will introduce files that would lead us into the 21st century.  At the moment (today is 03 June 2020), I would like to keep this information unrevealed until after the webinar to keep your interest in the subject.  I would hope that it will make for interesting viewing and contemplation.  

Ok, you want to know? I can recommend gold and blue heat activated rotary NiTi files.  These files can bend/flex so easily so while rotating in a curved canal they are almost passive, and thus are easily able to follow the canal curvatures.  Have a look at some results in the forum.  Also please take a look at my new additional website: for more information.

I am delighted to inform you that another Microsurgical Endodontic course will be held on 23rd and 24th November 2020 in Manchester 

Please click on to find out more details.  This should be a most informative and clinical-put-into-practice ever course yet.  This is a 2 day intensive and thorough knowledge-filled and practical hands-on course.  The instruments for each delegate will be comprehensive and appropiate.  The delegates are invited and encouraged to ask their nurses to join for the second day practical to help assist and become accustomed to the surgery technique.   Please fill in the questionaire to register your interest.

I look forward to meeting you.

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